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Hardik B

Published on Feb 20, 2023

Create production-ready Flutter Apps


This dates back to when online shopping became a new normal across households. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s when COVID began and India witnessed its first-ever lockdown in March 2020.

This was when I saw the potential of building a hyperlocal marketplace for people to shop for their daily essentials. Though I knew how to build this app, I realized launching on only Android won’t suffice. This was when the need for an iOS app popped up. Little did I know about how to tackle this difficulty, I found this to be a very common difficulty that founders like me would face every day. This curiosity led me to explore the best solution that helped founders and developers. This platform is known as Flutter.

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In the very short form, Flutter lets you build an application that works on a bunch of operating software. Be it Android, iOS, Windows, or anything you think of, Flutter helps you.

In a detailed discussion with a close friend of mine, I realized that Google had already addressed this issue in the Dart Developer Summit in 2015, which helped the developer community with a one-stop platform for all their development needs.

But what exactly is Flutter?

I’ll say, you’ve already experienced Flutter a hundred times in the past week. Amazed? Let me explain. Say you’re a marketer running ads for your SaaS product on Bing or a merchant accepting payments via Google Pay; it’s all made on Flutter.

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The Google-developed cross-platform mobile programming tool Flutter was made available in May 2017 and is free and open-source. In other words, you can build two distinct apps using the same programming language and codebase (IOS and Android). Since the stable version's December 2018 release, it has grown significantly in prominence, garnering 143k stars on GitHub compared to React Native's 104k.

How did Flutter make its entry?

The current form of Flutter didn't start out that way. Sky, which operated on the Android operating system and had the ability to render consistently at 120 frames per second, was first revealed at the Dart Developer Summit in 2015. Flutter's 0.0.6 alpha release to the world happened for the first time in 2017.

What’s the requirement?

With the goal of minimizing code duplication and assisting developers in creating apps that feel native to each platform they operate on, Flutter was created. As a result, Flutter is converted into native code, which increases its speed and adaptability. With Flutter, you can efficiently create code in a single language.

What language should one know to work on Flutter?

You must be wondering what programming language Flutter uses, right? Well, it’s Dart.

Dart was created by Google back in 2011, but since then it has seen many improvements and now it focuses much on front-end development that helps you create mobile and web applications.

Dart is a language optimized for client use, meaning it is fast and efficient. It is perfect for developing apps on any platform. The goal of Dart is to be the most productive programming language for multi-platform development and offer a flexible runtime platform for app frameworks.
It works on 2 major things, a Software Development Kit or SDK and a Framework. An SDK is a shared repository of tools you would use to develop your application. In contrast, a Framework will consist of prebuilt UI elements like buttons, that are customizable as per users’ requirements.

Currently, Flutter positions itself as a platform that transforms the app development process by helping you build, test, and deploy beautiful mobile, web, desktop, and embedded apps from a single codebase. Every new version of Flutter comes with something unique that excites the community that is generally governed by the following:

  • Enhanced productivity – Using Flutter, whether you’re targeting Android, iOS, web, Windows, macOS, or Linux, you can ship features faster with less code.

  • Native performance – Works as a mobile app SDK for fast app development and gorgeous animations.

  • Always open source – A globally trusted platform for building native apps that Google supports and a community of open and transparent contributors.

The best part, Flutter comes with amazing documentation that helps developers and business owners understand the 3 W’s, Why, What and When from interactive examples and tutorials to help build and deploy your first Flutter app.

Where is Flutter heading now?

With 63% of the developers being positively satisfied with Flutter’s ability to develop production-quality web apps (source: here), we know that Flutter has already stepped into the future of app development.

With over 150,000 Flutter applications on Play Store and the Apple App Store seeing less than 20,000 apps uploaded in March 2019 to over 90,000 shows the usage of Flutter-based apps being and the strong support from the developer community.

Not only this but to make you a little more sure about Flutter, let me name some of the most amazing apps made on this platform to date. These are but are not limited to:

  • Google Ads

  • Reflectly

  • Xianyu by Alibaba

  • Cryptograph

  • Hamilton

  • LTB Operations

  • Pay N Park

Introducing Blup, The best Flutter app development tool

But what if you could create production-ready mobile apps with no & pro code, visual logics & immersive UI design? Seems interesting? We have brought a fantastic solution for you, Blup.

blup app

Blup allows you to ship Flutter apps hassle-free, full of creativity, and within the lowest turnaround time. 

Also, the Blup app helps you draw an immersive interface that helps you reduce codes and at the same time provides powerful visual logic.

But what about your custom codes? 

We take care of that as Blup comes with a plug option for your custom data source or you can use pre-built Blup Backend, helping you finally put your creation out with a click of a button.

Ready to build beautiful apps that tell your brand story most simply? 

Looking to leverage Flutter just like other leading platforms did? Power up your idea and scale things up. Visit us at blup.in to get started right away!

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