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Rajni Bharara

Published on Jan 4, 2023


Flutter youtube
Flutter youtube

Top 6 YouTube Channels to Learn Flutter

Since the day, Flutter has launched it has created a lot of buzz in the world of App Development. Flutter entered the app development world and changed the game forever. Every Developer’s anticipation and curiosity to learn about Flutter has increased every day. The reason behind this anticipation is the change and updates that Flutter brings to itself every day.

So, today let us help you with some Top YouTube Channels which can help you in increasing your knowledge about Flutter.

  1. Flutter YouTube

Flutter Youtube

Well, if you want to learn and know about the Flutter world, what can be better than the official channel of the particular platform. Here, on Flutter’s official channel, you’ll be able to get every detail and knowledge about Flutter.

2. The Net Ninja

The Net Ninja YouTube

With over 1 Million followers Net Ninja is another platform where you can learn about Flutter. Not just the pro developers but also the beginners can come here to gain knowledge about Flutter. Starting from the basic information to the pro-level information.

  1. Blup

Our very own channel Blup is continuously bringing a lot of Flutter-related videos and information. So, don’t forget to check out BLUP’s very own YouTube channel.

Top Flutter Tool Blup

So, these were our picks for the Top YouTube Channels to learn Flutter.

  1. Hallden

Want to learn about Automation and content regarding Flutter? starting from the basics to a level where you can also learn about complete app development in Flutter. Hallden is the channel for you.

  1. Filled Stacks

Filled Stacks YouTube

Filled Stacks is another channel that teaches you about Flutter. As the bio of the channel itself says “Learn to build high-quality production-ready mobile apps using Flutter”. So, to learn and gain knowledge about Flutter, you can definitely check this channel out.

  1. Codepur

With 126K followers as of today, Codepur is another great Indian Channel regarding information related to Flutter. The owner of the channel Pawan Kumar is a software developer himself. This channel is completely dedicated to Flutter-related information. So, to gain wisdom on Flutter, Codepur can help you out.

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