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Sahaj Rana

Published on Jan 21, 2023

How Blup empowered DreamTracker in helping users maintain Work/Life-Balance?

Dream Tracker Blup
Dream Tracker Blup

Introduction to Dream Tracker's application ideas

Do a Google search of “work-life balance,” and over 260 million results will flood your screen. We often try to make personal & professional circles intersect to find our happy place, but we can’t find one.

You must have come across people asking what’s your goal 10 years down the line. Or maybe 5. Just like us, you will have many. But let us ask you, how many of them have you achieved?

Over time, we’ve realized that a goal without a plan is a dream. We don’t need a million reasons to agree, but just one. Every time we set a goal, we forget or are unaware of the intermediate steps to reach it and fail.

We all have professional and personal goals we want to accomplish, whether it’s mastering a new language, getting better at coding, taking out time from our schedule to learn to drive, or maybe even relationship building. But often we find ourselves putting them on the back burner maybe because we’re afraid of failing or due to more things crossing our way.

do you have a plan meme Blup

So, what’s all this vicious trap? 

Here’s the thing, you’re the student and the teacher. You make goals and measure their success yourself. Most importantly, you’re answerable to yourself only.

One way could be to question yourself, what went wrong today? How much were you able to achieve? How can you be better tomorrow?

Simply tracking your goals will help you align the minutest of your efforts. This, in return, will speed up your progress and reduces the risk of any future shortcoming.

Let us ask you one thing while talking about tracking goals, how many of the below-mentioned items cross your mind?

Blup track goals

Helps in providing a better roadmap of end-goal.

  1. Provides better focus.

  2. Boosts confidence in seeing progress.

  3. Enhances productivity.

  4. Reduced mistakes.

We’re sure we coincide on most topics, but that’s not it. Here’s the catch – These are a compiled list of features that goal-tracking platform Dream Tracker offers its users. But what exactly is Dream Tracker and how it helps? Let’s understand in detail.

What is Dream Tracker App?

The list of user-centric features that Dream Tracker offers not only increases your productivity,  but also provides you with an excellent way to track them. 

With Dream Tracker, you can create daily tasks by providing the duration you think it might take to complete. Post this; the app does the work itself. It keeps track of your daily tasks and helps you build discipline around the goal you want to achieve.

As with all the audacious goals in life, reaching them takes a mix of rigor, patience, tracking, time-boxing & fun.

How does Dream Tracker work?

Tracking goals could have been as tricky as making your friend return your money. But with Dream Tracker it’s as simple as unlocking your phone now. 

Dream Tracker app Blup

Once you download this application from Playstore, you can easily log in via Google, providing a seamless user experience. On the home screen, you’ll find an option where you can add a specific task or goal you wish to achieve just by entering the Task name and time required.

Set enter, and you’re done. You just need to start this task every time you start with your with. That helps your track your time and notify in real-time.

What were Dream Tracker’s main challenges?

Guiding someone can be challenging; given this online world, it becomes more challenging. Building a user-friendly interface that lets set goals quickly and a backend that could react in real-time to vast amounts of traffic, Dream Tracker had a hard time setting it all.

Moreover, since this app would compete with those already in the market, it had to stand out in terms of providing features most efficiently. 

This even meant launching on different devices would require knowledge of Flutter, but the capital was the concern.

How Blup empowered Dream Tracker?

Blup was pitched to build Dream Tracker as a one-stop platform to build their Flutter app, right from designing, adding visual logic, customizable backend and finally publishing on App and Play store.

Designing Frontend – Blup Design

Being a no and pro code platform, Blup helped Dream Tracker produce design solutions in less time and effort that are just as impressive as those done by designers from scratch.

Dream Tracker Design Blup

With features like Drag and Drop environment, Customizable Widgets, Limitless Canvas, the ability to import files, and even automate via Plugins, Dream Tracker’s frontend was created within a matter of hours than days.

Setting up Visual Logics – Blup Lightning

Post the seamless UI; it was time for Blup to help Dream Tracker by creating and running automated workflows with little to no code.

Using the visual designer and selecting from prebuilt operations, Dream Tracker was able to quickly build a workflow that integrated well and now manages your data, services, and systems automatically.

Dream Tracker Logic Blup

These logics can now be used with any widget/component created for the app on BlupDesigner and made functional.

Blup Backend

Built on top of AWS, Blup created a GUI-based database that is seamlessly integrated with Dream Tracker. Being on top of AWS, data privacy was never compromised for users of Dream Tracker, and it even helped automatically store data into Blup Backend.

Dream Tracker Backend Blup

The best feature that came in handy for Dream Tracker was that the Blup Backend database matches the style of a traditional relational database that helps input data to be stored in rows and columns.

Making the app live to users – Publish

With an inbuilt feature, Dream Tracker was made live to users all over Play Store.

Dream Tracker Publish Blup

This feature lets users launch their app easily and allows you to test the app yourself. As demonstrated below, you simply have to plug your device, and and get onto the testing stage from where you get the correct idea that your end user would experience.

Build your own Mobile app with #Blup

Overall, we can say Dream Tracker is a fantastic platform for someone who wants to track goals or aims to be better every day, just like us. 

With Designing, Logics, and Backend all set up on Blup, it becomes super easy for any iteration to take place, and even the bandwidth required on the staff end has reduced from a full-fledged team to just a techie.

As a developer and founder-centric team, a platform like Blup solve millions of use cases. We know this is the most straightforward way to push Flutter apps into the market. It’s just drag-and-drop, set logic, and go live.

Why not try it out yourself?

Download the Blup platform from here or set up a time where we will walk you through our platform and show you all it takes to be empowered by the best platform for building Flutter apps, Blup.

Until Next Time!